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Sitting is our passion

The office worlds are changing. Many architects, designers and planners are moving away from the usual office workstation with a desk and a swivel chair as the only solution.
Instead of this classic workplace situation, multifunctional zones are increasingly finding their way into our office world. Lounge chairs, sofas and flexible meeting boxes shape the image of the modern living environment in the office.

Employees can not only do their work at their desks, but they can also find a place in a meeting box or sit down comfortably on a sofa with their laptop. Separate screens in the meeting boxes allow video conferences. The sofas have electricity and network connections.

A meeting no longer only has to take place at the conference table. A circle of comfortable lounge chairs offers more comfort and encourages creativity.

OS Seating follows this trend and is offering lounge furniture, central zones, and soft seating requirements. We sell the products from our production partner Deberenn.
OS-Seating is part of the Original Steifensand Group.

Please let yourself be inspired by the wide range of seating solutions.